•  60M+ trees are cut down annually to account for creamations.

  • 2 fully grown trees are cut down to conduct just a single cremation.

  • <2% of the market has been captured by electric & CNG cremations,thus these alternatives are unsuccessful. 

  • What can you do to save the environment?
  • Ever thought of some alternative way to conduct cremation?
  • Want to get a more eco-friendly fuel, & also earn from it?

ARTH's Cremation Model 

We provide the buyers with an alternate for wood in the form of ARTH logs which are pious and holy and market the product.

We ensure regular supply and transportation of ARTH logs which are more ecofriendly.
This gives an additional earning opportunity to crematoriums.

Our logs are made after intensive research on its composition to get the best fuel results for our logs.


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